Leaf “glitter” Art

Leaf "Glitter" Art

Put your leaves that have fallen on the ground to good use by making this simple leaf "glitter" art project.
What You'll Need
  • leaves- dry leaves work the best
  • glue
  • thick craft paper or construction paper
Step 1: head out on a nature walk and find some dried leaves
Step 2: have your child crunch the leaves to make them into smaller pieces as seen below
Step 3: Put a thick line of glue onto your craft paper. Any design will work. It could be a leaf shape, but if your child wants to make their own shape or an abstract design that's great too!
Step 4: Sprinkle the leaf "glitter" onto the paper.
Step 5: press the leaves down into the glue
Step 6: let your creation dry and shake off excess "glitter".


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