Meet Our Sitters~ Kelly Jones

Name: Kelly Jones
City you live in: Lake Forest, CA
Age: 21
Major: Nursing
Favorite Color: Yellow
Favorite fruit: raspberries and blueberries!
Favorite Book (kids book and adult book):I love Goodnight Moon (children's) and I love too many books! Some include The Bell Jar, The Year of Magical Thinking, and The Glass Castle.
Something interesting about you that people may not know: I am a big SEC football fan! And I also have never left the country!
If you could have dinner with one person, alive or dead, who would it be and why?:I would have dinner with my Papa, who passed away when I was little.
It is a lazy Sunday, how would you spend your day?: I usually would go on a hike with friends down in Laguna, and then catch up on errands, studying, and spending time with my family!
When you were a kid growing up, what did you want to be?: I wanted to be a doctor or a mermaid (haha!)
Where would you most like to travel to some day?: I would love to travel to New Zealand, Thailand, and Europe.
What is your favorite holiday?: Christmas and birthdays.

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