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Finding the perfect nanny is easy!

(1) Fill out family information form to tell us a little more about you, (2) Speak with our director to determine your exact needs and (3) Watch us find the best match for you. Ready to get started?


Have Questions?  Contact our Nanny Placement Coordinator Kim at or 949-662-5558

What is a nanny vs. a Babysitter?

A nanny is an individual a family hires to work for them on a consistent and generally long term basis either part time or full time.  A nanny can also provide regular care on a temporary basis.

A sitter is an individual that assists a family on an as needed basis.

What is the cost to hire a nanny?

The agency fee prices are listed below. A non-refundable $350 retainer is required to begin your nanny search. The retainer fee will be deducted from the placement fee upon hire of your nanny.

Example: Part time nanny fee = $2000, retainer fee = $350, amount due upon hire = $1650.

What should I expect to pay to a nanny?

A nanny is generally paid a rate of $20-$25+/hr depending on her duties, hours, number of children and experience.

*A Night nanny or newborn specialist is generally paid a rate of $25-$35+/hr depending on her duties, hours, number of children and experience.

Placement fees:

Placement fees paid to the agency are a one time fee and are as follows:

After School/Semester Nanny* $700.00-$850
Temp Nanny (Maximum 3 months) $1000.00
Newborn Night Nanny (Maximum 4 months) $1200.00
Part Time Nanny (up to 25 hours/wk) $1600.00-$2300
Full Time Nanny (26 or more hours/wk) $2500.00-$3200
Live In Nanny $4000.00

All Nanny services include:

  • 30-120 day guarantee (with the exception of Temp, Semester and Night Nanny)
  • Pre-screening of candidates
  • Interviews
  • Reference checking
  • Assistance in scheduling interviews
  • Assistance with salary negotiation/benefits
  • Assistance with Family/Nanny work agreements
  • One full criminal background check (SS# trace, DMV, criminal background, and sexual offender check). Additional checks will be charged extra.
  • Our After School nannies are happy to accommodate school pick-up, transport to/from after school activities, homework help and snack preparation

*Please note: Our before/after school program runs by semester. We guarantee the same nanny/ set up by semester.

  • January-May/June
  • May/June-August (see summer nanny)
  • August-December

**A non-refundable retainer fee of $350 is required to begin your nanny search. The remainder of the placement fee will be due prior to your nanny's start date.