Hiring a Nanny From Start to Finish

Hiring a nanny can be very stressful for parents. We love our children and the idea of handing off their care as well as their safety to another can feel overwhelming. When you do hire a nanny you want this relationship to last for the long term.

Mollycoddlers primarily provides nannies in Orange County and Los Angeles County but can also place nannies in other California areas. We have assisted countless families with hiring their ideal nanny from temporary, part time, full time, after-school, summer as well as Newborn Care Specialists.

Hiring a nanny on your own can be time consuming and frustrating. Imagine posting your job, sifting through resumes, checking multiple references, interviewing many candidates, negotiating pay, benefits, etc. maybe with success- and maybe not. After several decades in the industry, we have the process down pat and love helping families by providing pre-vetted, experienced and high quality nannies and we simplify the process for families because WE do all the work.

Below are the steps to hiring your nanny through Mollycoddlers:

  1. FAMILY APPLICATION- We first have you complete the Family Application which is your opportunity to provide us with all the details about your offered position. We want to learn about your family, your ideal nanny, nanny's responsibilities, hours needed, rate of pay, benefits being offered, etc.
  2. CONSULTATION CALL- We always follow up with a scheduled consultation call to review your application and make sure we understand EXACTLY what your nanny needs are.
  3. CONTRACT SIGNED/RETAINER FEE PAID- You'll be emailed our search contract to review and digitally sign. The retainer fee is also due at this time in order to begin your search.
  4. PROFILES SENT/INTERVIEWS SCHEDULED- You'll receive qualified nanny candidates profiles which include a resume, recent photo and any letters of referral. We'll follow up with this by scheduling interviews on your behalf with the candidates. Since candidates are actively seeking and interviewing for positions, we recommend getting these interviews on the calendar within 48 hours.
  5. PAID TRIAL DAY(S)- Once you've selected a nanny candidate, or two, that you really like, we will schedule trial day(s) for you to have them in your home. Candidates will be paid by the family for their time.
  6. OFFER LETTER/ACCEPTANCE- If all goes well at the trial, we'll assist you in writing an offer letter to your nanny candidate.
  7. BACKGROUND SCREEN- If your offer is accepted by the nanny candidate we will run the background screen. California state law requires an offer of employment to be made and accepted prior to a background screen being run.
  8. PLACEMENT FEE DUE- Lastly, we will invoice you for the balance of the placement fee which is due , in full, prior to your nannies first day of employment. Our fees are tiered (10%-15% of the nanny's annual gross income).

Congratulations! You've just hired your new nanny and with the help of Mollycoddlers the process was simple.

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