Recommendations For a Successful Nanny Position Start

In order to have a successful placement, it's important to get off to a great start when beginning a new nanny position. Here we provide you with some guidelines to help ensure a smooth transition with your nanny family.

  1. House Rules: What are the house rules that your nanny family has? Are there limits to screen time, areas they can play in in the home, or friends they can play with? Are they able to have friends over or go to friend's houses for a playdate? What snacks are okay to eat and are there certain times that snacks are allowed or not allowed?
  2. Daily Routine/Activities: What does a typical schedule look like for the children? If driving to activities what time do you need to be there? What items need to accompany them to after school activities?
  3. Communication: Who should you be communicating with during the day- mom or dad? Is it okay to send updates, photos, etc of activities you and your charges are engaging in? Would the parents like a log kept of activities, feedings, naps, etc.?
  4. Safety: Where can you find emergency supplies or a first aid kit if needed? What if we get locked out of the house; is there a spare key hidden somewhere or at a neighbor's house? Is there a neighbor I can contact if mom/dad aren't reachable? Do the children have allergies and if so, what is the typical protocol in these situations (epi pen, benedryl).

Some of these things may be discussed in the interview with your nanny family or may be discussed during your trial period. If they haven't been addressed, be sure to ask the parent(s) during your first week so that all bases are covered. Don't assume you know what the family wants- it's always best to ask for clarification.

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