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flowerCurrent Job Listings

~Long Beach Nanny~
Family in Long Beach seeks a nanny/family helper who is fun and outgoing with a good sense of humor, responsible, can take direction well, detail-oriented, and a dog lover!
Start Date: ASAP: October 2019 through school year (if nanny is interested and available, position could become full-time in the Summer months)
Monday-Friday: 4pm OR 5pm- 7:30pm (depends on what nanny prefers and needs, and what duties she is willing to help with prior to picking up child from Kindergarten after-care, or picking him up early)
Location: Long Beach, CA (90803)
Pet in home: 2 Dogs; docile and retired greyhounds. They're getting old so they sleep most of the time; please be willing to fill their food and water bowls.
Children: 2 children, age: 4 & 5 yrs. old. You will only be caring for the 5 year old, except for the last 30-45 min. of the time when everyone is home and mom and dad need eyes on the two kids so they can prepare dinner/change their clothes, etc.
Rate: $18-$25/hour
Benefits: Guaranteed pay, holidays
Duties: Pick-up older child from school (walking distance) or drivable if needed/preferred, laundry assistance (change over washer to dryer, fold a load, etc.), homework help, dishes, basic tidying up/organization. Parents will pick-up the younger child from daycare and come home, where you will be needed in keeping an eye on the two boys while mom and dad prepare dinner, get changed, etc.
~Part-time Nanny/Mother's Helper needed~
Family in Aliso Viejo seeks a Part-Time Nanny/Mother's Helper for the Fall & Spring Semester; a nanny who is a safe and responsible driver, fun, loving, and reliable!
Start Date: October 21
Tuesday- 5:00pm-8:00pm
Wednesday- 5:00-8:00pm
Thursday- 4:00-8:00pm
Location: Aliso Viejo (92656)
Pet in home: no
Children: 1 child, 6 yrs. old
Rate: $16-$20/hour + .50/mile re-reimbursed for any transportation of child
Benefits: Guaranteed pay, holidays
Parent(s)work from home: Mom will be home if she is not traveling, but this schedule was made specifically to cover when she could be traveling for work. If mom is not traveling, you will likely be off earlier around 7:00pm on those days, but guaranteed pay until 8pm.
Duties: Pick-up child from after-school YMCA program, assist with homework, after-school snacks, soccer practice 1 day/week.
~Irvine Nanny Needed~
Family in Irvine seeks a nanny who is patient, responsible, punctual, creative, loving, clean, and has experience with babies/toddlers!
Schedule: Monday - Thursday 8:30am-4:00pm, *additional half day on Friday if nanny would like more hours* (30-35 hours per week)
Position to begin immediately
Location: Irvine, CA
Pet in home: None
Children: 1 girl, 14 months old
Rate: $16-$18/hour
Duties: complete care of the baby and her needs to include: engaging, playing, singing, reading, washing baby's utensils/bottles, tidying up play space, changing babies sheets and preparing simple meals as needed
~Mother's Helper needed in Yorba Linda for fall semester~
Family in Yorba Linda seeks a Part-Time Nanny/Mother's Helper for the Fall Semester: a nanny who is patient in working with multiple kids, flexible, kind, reliable, fun, and a safe driver.
Start Date: September 2019-December 2019 (family will be hiring per semester basis)

Monday- 4:00pm-8:00pm
Tuesday- 5:00-9:00pm
Thursday- 4:00-5:00pm-9:00pm
*possible additional hours or days once the position starts and they see how things are going, pending nannies availability*

Location: Yorba Linda, CA (92886)

Pet in home: Pending puppy in the future

Children: 4 children (ages: 4, 6 , 8, & 10 yrs)

Rate: $20-$25/hour

Benefits: Guaranteed pay, holidays

Duties: Mother's Helper: some days you will take the two older children to hockey practice & stay with them there, helping with homework in down time. Other days, you would stay home with the younger two while mom takes the older two and spends time with them. If you're home with the younger two, you would likely play, cook dinner, bath time, bed time routine. Occasional help with duties if all children are taken care of might be: laundry help here and there, dishes, and basic tidying up.

~Flexible position afternoon hours in Ladera Ranch~
Family in Ladera Ranch seeks a Mother's Helper who is reliable, trustworthy, kind, funny, organized, and effective at communicating (in person and via text message as parents are often in back to back meetings at work and can only step out for phone calls or emergencies); tech savvy.
Start Date: September/October 2019
Schedule: Open to creating a set schedule based on the nannies needs/availability.  Please choose 3-4 days per week, 3-4 hours per day between 3-7pm; and let us know your ideal schedule based on that availability.
Location: Ladera Ranch, CA (92694)
Pet in home: 1: 13yr old hypoallergenic bengal cat who is declawed in the front paws
Children: 2 children, age: 2 yrs old, 6 yrs old
Rate: $18-$25/hour
Benefits: Guaranteed pay
Duties: Laundry, dishes, tidying up, cleaning toys, meal prep. The position will mainly be mother's helper duties so the mom and dad can focus on the two children. When trust is established, the duties will shift to balance between some time with the children and mother's helper duties.
~After School/Semester Nanny in Trabuco Canyon~
Family in Trabuco Canyon seeks a Part-Time nanny who is patient, kind, loving, reliable, responsible, and energetic!Start Date: September 2019Schedule:
Monday- 2:30-6pm
Tuesday- 2:30-6pm
Wednesday - 12:45-6pm
Thursday- 2:30-6pm
Friday - 2:30 - 5 or 6pm. This is usually a more flexible day, but if the nanny would like more hours, we can do that.Location: Trabuco Canyon, CA (92679)Pet in home: 1 small dog

Children: 2 children, age: 7 & 10

Rate: $18-$20/hour

Benefits: Guaranteed pay

Duties: Transportation from school to home, and after-school activities (re-imbursed mileage at .50/mile & will provide fast-trak for toll road use), prepare snacks, homework help when needed, and basic upkeep of what is used.

~Split shift nanny in Newport Coast~
Family in Newport Coast seeks a nanny for one child, a 13 yr old with moderate autism. The position requires a nanny who is energetic, eager, a quick learner, and hardworking. She should be loving but firm with their son, able to keep order, routine, and expectations in his life. A nanny who would be able to constantly encourage him to improve his communication, independence, and behave better (all weak due to his autism). The nanny should be willing and eager to work with his ABA and speech therapists to learn how to do so.
Start Date: ASAP
Schedule: Monday-Friday SPLIT shifts: 6:30am-8:30am AND 4:30pm-10:30pm. Willing to negotiate for the right person, but this would be the ideal hours.
OR if you would prefer less hours without a split shift option #2:
  • Mon/Wed 4-10pm
  • T/Th 6p-10pm
  • F 3:30-10pm
Location: Newport Coast, CA (92657)
Children: 1 child, 13 yrs. old
Rate: $25/hour
Benefits: 1 week vacation, 7-9 Federal Holidays paid off (or will compensate with holiday pay if nanny is available/needed), guaranteed hours. Negotiable. Car provided for working hours.
Duties: provide transportation to/from school, make breakfast, pack his school lunch, make dinner, provide transportation to therapy classes & any activities, be willing to get outside and enrich his life with engaging activities, and be willing to create a bedtime routine & implement routines that would be helpful to him.
Pets in home: None
Car provided during work hours: Yes
Housekeeping duties: none, basic upkeep of what is used
~Family in Newport Coast~
Family in Newport Coast seeks a nanny who enjoys being outdoors and exploring different activities with the kids. Someone that is proactive and doesn’t require prompting, can discipline and create boundaries without emotion, reliable, loving, high energy, creative, assist with homework/learning, and trustworthy.
Start Date: ASAP
Schedule: Monday-Friday 1pm-7pm
Location: Newport Coast, CA (92657)
Children: 2 children, age 5 & 6
Rate: $20-$25+/hour
Benefits: 4-8 weeks of paid vacation when family visits their home state during  breaks such as (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break, and Summer)
Duties: provide transportation to activities as needed, and daily pick-up of one or both children from school at 2pm & 3pm, children's laundry, vacuuming of children's areas, prepare snacks, and willing to run an errand from time to time if needed.
Pet in home: none
If interested in nanny positions please be willing to submit to a full background check upon hire, submit a childcare resume, a recent photo, a photo of your CPR/First-Aid certification, one- or more- letters of reference/recommendation from previous families, to:

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