Other Nanny Services

All sitters and nannies
are pre-screened:

  • Application Review
  • Resumé
  • Interview
  • Reference Check
  • Criminal Background Check
  • DMV Report
  • Sex Offender Check
  • Social Security Verification
  • Alias Search
  • Contract Negotiation Assistance
  • Employment Agreement

Night/Newborn Nanny:

A Night/Newborn Nanny will have newborn experience and likely hold certification as a Newborn Care Specialist. They will give nighttime feedings and can assist with sleep training.

A Night/Newborn nanny can be used for a maximum of four months. A typical schedule will be 9p-6a or 10p-7a.

The rate of pay will vary on the nanny and their level of experience, certifications, and the number of babies she is caring for (single, twins, triplets). The net amount is generally $25-$35+ per hour.

Agency fee: $1200 (Can be used for a maximum of four months)

Summer Nanny

A Summer nanny can work part or full time hours. They will work for the duration of the summer while your children are home from school.

Agency fee: $850

Temporary Nanny

A temporary nanny's responsibilities will be similar to those of a part or full time nanny and they can work either part or full time hours. The responsibilities will vary based on the family's needs. A temporary nanny can be used for a maximum of 3 months.

Agency fee: $1000

Semester/After School Nanny

A Semester/After School Nanny will have the same qualifications as a part time or full time nanny. The responsibilities will vary based on the family's needs but will generally include pick up from school, taking to after school activities, assistance with homework and may include meal prep.

A Semester/After School Nanny works only during the afternoons after normal school hours. A typical schedule would be 2p-6/7pm

The rate of pay is for your Semester/After School nanny $18-$25/hr plus mileage.

Agency fee: $700

Distance Learning Nanny:

A Distance Learning nanny will be responsible for creating a setting to complement virtual instruction from your children's schools, including supervision, support and assistance with learning during the school day.

A Distance Learning nanny will work during regular school hours.

The rate of pay on this will vary based on their experience, education level and grades of the children. The net amount will generally be $25-$50/hr and will include paid holidays.

Agency fee: $1000