6 Benefits of Having a Nanny

1. Personalized attention-

A nanny can provide your family with reliable and trustworthy care that will also give your child personalized attention. Unlike a daycare where there are anywhere from 3-8 children per caregiver, your child will have one-on-one care and a person that is 100% focused on them.

2. Help with activities or transportation-

Nannies can help with scheduling appointments, making sure your child is getting to their activities, being dropped off or picked up from school, or another other similar needs.

3. Help with learning and development-

A nanny can also provide helpful guidance when it comes to teaching your child valuable life skills such as organizing their belongings and problem-solving. They can model great behavior and assist with manners and learning to respect others. Because your child is getting that individualized care your nanny will have plenty of time to work on numbers, letters, shapes, colors, etc.

4. Learning a new skill-

You may be able to hire a nanny that has some specialized skills in certain areas such as language instruction or music lessons which can provide your child with additional educational opportunities. They can also teach them other fun skills such as cooking, baking, knitting, or reading.

5. A nanny can help with "other" tasks-

A nanny can help make your life easier by taking on extra tasks such as grocery shopping or other errands and meal prep which can free up your time. They can take care of your children's laundry and general pick up of common areas.

6. A special bond with your child-

Nannies can provide your family with consistency when it comes to childcare which can help your child feel secure and comfortable. They typically build a strong bond with your child, as they will get to know your child’s personality and needs better than someone who is not around on a regular basis.

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