A Guide to Success: How to optimize your Nanny Search with an Agency

Embarking on the journey to find the perfect nanny for your family can be both exciting and challenging. Partnering with a nanny agency, like Mollycoddlers Nannies & Sitters, streamlines the process, offering parents years of agency expertise and a pool of qualified and pre-vetted candidates. Let’s explore the key steps to successfully working with Mollycoddlers Nannies & Sitters and finding the ideal caregiver for your family.

1. Define Your Family’s Needs:

Before engaging with an agency, write down what your family’s needs are. Do you need child related cleaning? Driving? Do you need specific certifications or educational level? Are the years of experience important to you? This foundational step ensures that the agency can match you with candidates who align with your unique situation and needs.

2. Communicate Openly with the Agency

Establish clear communication channels with the agency. Provide detailed information about your family dynamics, schedules, and any special considerations. The more the agency knows, the better they can match you with suitable candidates.

3. Review Candidate Profiles

When the agency sends you candidate profiles, be sure to respond in a timely manner. Mollycoddlers Nannies & Sitters strongly recommends that within 24 hours of receiving a candidate profile you provide some available interview dates/times. You don't want to take too long and risk losing the perfect candidate because you didn't move forward quickly enough with this step.

4. Be Open Minded

Consider candidates recommended by the agency, even if they may not jump out at you on paper. Remember the agency has expertise in finding the right candidates and likely saw something in the candidate during the interview process that made them feel this candidate was a great option for your family!

5. Provide Feedback After Interviews

Offer timely feedback to the agency after interviewing each candidate. Be specific about what you liked and any concerns you may have had. This feedback helps refine the selection process.

6. Trial Days

Promptly provide the agency with availability for trial day(s) with your favorite nanny candidate(s). This is typically a half day (paid) working day with the nanny candidate to give them an idea of what a typical day working with your family would be. It's also a great time for you to see the nanny candidate interact with your child.

7. Make an Offer

Once you’ve interviewed, trialed and identified the right candidate for your family, you'll work closely with the agency to finalize terms, conditions, and contractual agreements, including compensation and expectations in your Offer of Employment and Family/Nanny Contract.

Successfully working with a nanny agency involves a collaborative effort to find a caregiver who seamlessly integrates into your family. By following these steps above and maintaining open communication with the agency, you’re on the path to securing a reliable, experienced, and qualified nanny who meets your family’s unique needs.

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