How to Introduce Your New Nanny to Your Children

Have you just hired a new nanny and wonder how to make the smoothest transition for your children, you, and your new nanny? There are several ways to make this a smooth transition for everyone. Introducing a new nanny to your children can be an exciting and sometimes overwhelming experience. It's important to take your time and make sure that the transition is as smooth as possible. Here are some ideas for introducing your new nanny to your children:

Talk to the children ahead of time

Start off by having a conversation with your children about the new nanny and what they can expect. Explain to them what the role of the nanny will be to your children and answer any questions they may have. If your children are comfortable around new people already, this may be a fairly easy transition. If however, they take a bit of time to warm up, step 2 will be extra important.

Give the kids plenty of time to feel comfortable

Giving the children plenty of time to get to know the nanny in a relaxed and comfortable environment will help immensely. This is why trial days are so important. They give your children and the nanny an opportunity to meet each other and spend some time together before nanny officially begins working with your family. You may want to consider having the nanny come over to your home a few times while you're still there before taking on a more solo role with your children. It can also be beneficial to leave the nanny and child on their own for short periods before having a full day with you out of the home.

Make the time with the nanny a special time

Bringing out some special games, toys, arts and crafts or other activities that the children don't normally engage in is a great way to make the time spent with their new nanny special. This way your children will look forward to their time with the nanny knowing that they may get to try something new.

Most importantly, be open and honest with your children and the nanny. Establishing a strong relationship from the beginning is key to ensuring that your children have a positive experience with their new nanny.

Make sure you and nanny are on the same page

Having open communication with your nanny and expressing the dynamics of your family life will be important in maintaining continuity for your children with their nanny. If you have a schedule that the children are on, be sure to share this with the nanny, talk to them about your preferred methods of discipline, your parenting philosophies, and house rules. Things should stay as consistent as possible for your children whether they are with their nanny or with you.

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